We hope you will find the truth to all of your questions here on our web site. We would also like to share these other Internet resources with you. All of these resources are free, and you can download any information or materials that might be of interest to you.

These links are provided in the hope of providing information that might be useful. All this information was correct at the time of posting. While these web sites might be of value, they are independent of “A Muslim Journey to Hope” and we do not necessarily agree with the opinions on these sites.

Bible and Bible Resources:

The International Bible Society
Online Bible
Download arabic bibles
The Arabic Bible (Book of Life)
Bible and Quran - This is a helpful site with scholarly material, conversion testimonies, and debates with Muslims.
Arabic Bible software - Free for download

Sites from Organizations that provide Ministry to Arabs:

Arab World Ministries - Evangelical interdenominational international mission organization.
Loving Muslims Thru Prayer

Other Useful Resources:

The JESUS Film (English or Arabic)
• Answering Islam:
Loving a Muslim
The Good Way
Al-Injil (the Gospel)
Islam Review
Islam: Way,Truth & Life?
Spotlight on Muslim Misconceptions

Miscellaneous Resources:

Learn Arabic software

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